Monday, January 31, 2011

CSS Testing

Master of Puppets has officially started his CSS testing for exportable semen to Canada. We will definitely have semen available early which is a good sign. If you breed for Jan/Feb calves we are hoping to be able to meet your needs also! Call for any information or to place an order 780-288-3255.

Not fun!

Who needs a cool calf system in Canada? Nobody that's who! With temperature like this growing hair is a neccessity to survive!
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Friday, January 28, 2011

VCCP Winter Classic

We will have our Northeastern representative Chris Terembes on hand to take orders on any of the bulls in our line-up at this years VCCP Winter Classic show this weekend in Harrisonburg VA. There will be flyers up and feel free to call and find Chris while you are there @ 434-962-3993 for info or to place an order.

Master of Puppets...update!!

Just to let breeders and customers know the "Master" was dropped off at Nichols Criogenetics in Ankeny, IA last night. If you want to go and view him in person feel free to stop in and ask where he is located. We anticipate with his maturity and development to have semen available very soon so don't delay and get on the list for the spring 2011 breeding season! Nichols is known for having one of the highest semen quality standards in the business. We only want to offer the best to our customers so buy with confidence that what you are getting is has met these high requirements! Call any of the owners or Champion Drive Genetics representatives to place your order today!!

M.O.P. video back up and running...

There was some computer related issues when trying to load the video of Master of Puppets from Denver. It is up on now finally...thanks Jeff for getting this worked out!

video link:

Private Treaty Flush Bid-off

Starting Feb 1st through Feb 15 we will have a private treaty bid-off on a flush in our top donor Calberta MCM Donor 9758 co-owned with Ward Cattle Co. of Donovan Illinois. Dane Ward just recently became a partner and we are very excited to have him involved in this powerhouse Heatwave donor female. Don't miss this opportunity to get the frozen genetics off of her as she is made to raise showsteers all day long bred to any number of bulls! We will guarantee 6 grade 1 eggs and she is ready to be flushed by the end of February! Contact Raymond @ 780-288-3255 or Dane @ 815-867-0340 for info or to bid.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Champion Drive Genetics January/February ad 2011

Contact myself or any of the reps listed in our ad to place orders on these sires as well as any others listed on the Champion Drive Genetics link on our website:

2011 Polk County Fair - Florida

Just got the word that Michaela Aycock's Yellow Jacket steer was slapped as the Grand Champion at their very competitive county fair!! HUGE congratulations to the entire family on a job well done all year long! What a way to end his show career! Hands down one of the most successful steers in the state of Florida! Stay tuned for winners photos!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Semen available for immediate shipment in the US on the hottest bull from 2010! Contact our US representatives for info on ordering. Their contact info is listed below. Price is $25/unit get it now while we have inventory!
Curtis Bowling 573-489-9565
Ryan Goehring 262-689-5934
Chris Terembes 434-962-3993

Sunday, January 23, 2011


We are extremely excited to offer our customers this hot new Heatwave x Witchdoctor bull that was also a crowd favourite in Denver this year! The best way to describe him is a FREAK! So much top, so much muscle, so much bone and hair...this one will definitely be a cow changer!Demand is high so far due to his popularity on display so please get your orders in to any of our reps and make sure you are on the list for this year's breeding season!!
Raymond Gonnet 780-288-3255
Curtis Bowling 573-489-9565
Ryan Goehring 262-689-5934
Chris Terembes 434-962-3993

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another addition to the team...

We are pleased to announce one more addition to the Champion Drive Genetics sales team. Chris Terembes of Charlottesville, Virginia approached me after Denver this year offering his services to help tend to customers in the eastern side of the US. It seemed like a great way to add to our ability to get our sires to the customers who need them! If you are in the east please give Chris a call @ 434-962-3993 to arrange a herd visit, breeding advice or semen orders. He will be at the VCCP Jackpot show coming up in the near future so if you see him please turn any semen orders you need into him!

Friday, January 21, 2011

M.O.P. February 2011 ad

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Aycock steer does it again!!

Huge congratulations to the Aycock family. Their steer was chosen as 3rd Overall this past weeken at the Florida Fat Steer Show by judge Shawn Fletcher. This calf has really come together for them, hard work pays off!

Facebook Status - Kolby Heaven

I was scanning through my homepage on facebook today when I saw this status and had to share it! This kinda sums up the popularity this bull is creating from Denver!! Feel free to call him and get the low down on what Master of Puppets looked like, he had many fans this weekend!

Kolby Heaven back from Denver... that place brings out the worst of my bank acount (mostly due the fact that Master of Puppets destroyed everything in the yards)


Check out the Master of Puppets video shot in the yards on Saturday!! We feel it was ESSENTIAL to video him on the move to show you just how massive built, big footed and ultra sound this dude is!! A bull can look great standing there any day but one that looks good on the move is worth his weight in gold! Soundness is a must in our industry, we get enough bad publicity about cripples and unsoundness in the club calf world from people outside our breed....its time for a change!!
video link:

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ryan Goehring

We are very excited to include Ryan Goehring of Random Lake,Wisconsin as our latest addition to the Champion Drive Genetics team! He is a long time club calf producer and definitely knows what it takes to raise a champion! We now have 2 representatives in the USA to meet our growing customer bases needs. Please feel free to call Ryan @ 262-689-5934 and arrange a farm visit or breeding advice as well as semen on any sires in our impressive bull line-up!


Sold with Tony Jeffs to Trausch Farms and Kirkland Show Cattle. Watch for this freak of nature at the Ohio Beef Expo this spring on display. He is an Eye Candy x Queens Trump Double Vision. Contact owners for info on semen orders, Chris @ 641-745-0323, Todd @ 214-789-4611, Tony @ 806-6636418 or the Champion Drive Genetics representatives Raymond @ 780-288-3255 or Curtis @ 573-4899565.

Back in Alberta

I left Denver to come back to this??
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Here is the promo picture taken in the yards in Denver. To place an oder call Raymond @ 780-288-3255 or Curtis @ 573-489-9565 or any of the other owners including Cattle Visions and Trausch Farms. This was definitely one of the most complete bulls in Denver and with what his full brothers have accomplished the expectations are high on this one so don't delay and get on the list with the rest of the progressive breeders for 2011 breeding season!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Someone is tired of displaying bulls in Denver!
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

M.O.P. Dialed in!!!

Brad Punt knows how to get one looking like he's riding on 24" wheels!!
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Master of Puppets

Thank-you Kolby Heaven of Whitecourt AB. for putting in an order for 100 units of Master of Puppets after seeing him on display in Denver!! That's confidence in a bull!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Master of Puppets!!

On display in Denver!!
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Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Promotional Sire for sale!!

This Eye Candy x Vegas bull is sure to attract some attention with his color not to mention his shag!! Spring possession and 1/2 semen interest is for sale. Contact Raymond @ 780-288-3255 or Tony @ 806-663-6418 for details.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

US Division Rep Announced!

We are pleased to add Curtis Bowling of Fulton, Missouri as our US representative for Champion Drive Genetics. Stop by the Master of Puppets display spot in Denver to meet up with us, orders on any of the bulls we have available can be taken at the stock show. Herd visits and breeding recommendations can be arranged for this spring by calling Raymond @ 780-288-3255 or Curtis @ 573-489-9565.
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