Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy! Happy! Happy!

TF northern team celebrating the grand and reserve win today at IPE Steer Show!! Couldn't do it with out the help of Riley Chalack, Austin Fisk and Cole Giles!!

From Cole Giles - Alberta

Message: Ready for the ring at IPE Steer Show...go team!!

From Riley Chalack - Alberta

Message: "Billy" is ready to head in the ring at the IPE Steer Show...once a champion always a champion!!

Master of Puppets Heifer - New Photo

Here is a different view of tag 51 MOP heifer selling Sept 7th at Trausch Farms...she is definitely one you want to come see!!

Clayton Wilkerson - Iowa

Thanks for the help in the barn this morning at Trausch Farms and coming back for a second time to analyze the sale cattle. It's a deep set here in Anita and this young man wants to make sure he finds the right one!!

From Pat Wiese - Nebraska

Message: 15h modified feature win last night Albion speedway!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Congrats Scott & Lisa Campbell!!

One of the Best in America!! Sells Sept 7th @ Trausch Farms!!

From Austin Fisk - Alberta

Message: Reserve Champion Heifer 2013 IPE

Big Wheelin'

This is by far the coolest vehicle that has shown up in the yard to look at the calves!! Mercedes Benz with chrome custom rims, 10 gator skin bucket seats, 3 DVD players, 6 foot ceiling and all the other fully loaded options!!


Tag 3 Eye Candy steer selling Sept 8th at Trausch Farms!!

Big Time Show Heifer!!

Tag 53 selling Sept 7th at Trausch Farms...she's great from all angles!!

Sired by Master of Puppets

Tag 51 selling Sept 7th at Trausch Farms...she's a good one!!

Lance Ellsworth (Cattle Visions) - His family showing a steer sired by MOP!!

Flashback Friday!!

Master of Puppets at stud last fall...come check out the tag 51 MOP heifer selling Sept 7th at Trausch Farms!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

From Katie Smith - Focus Marketing

Message: Sale season means Monster energy drinks and my favorite Trausch Farms koozie are on me at all times!!

From Jason Shatto - Ohio

This awesome Eye Candy heifer sells Sept 8th on Breedersworld in Shatto Show Cattle Sale!!

Visitors from Canada!!

It was great seeing the Noble family today and taking them for a tour of the sale cattle and facilities at Trausch Farms!!

Comfort Zone Calf Report

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

From Lee Jensen - Alberta

Come To Daddy!!

Tag 1 Fast Freddy steer selling Sept 8th at Trausch Farms!! This is the maternal brother to the Salty Dog steer that topped the sale last year and was successfully campaigned by the Heintz family!!

Charolais Composite Anyone?

This awesome Eye Candy composite heifer sells Sept 7th at Trausch Farms!!

Selling Sept 7th!!

Unstoppable heifer selling at Trausch Farms...quality runs deep this year!!

Big Time ShorthornPlus Steer!!

Eye Candy ShorthornPlus steer selling Sept 8th at Trausch Farms!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Trausch Farms Sale Photos Coming Tonight!!

Tag 5 Eye Candy x PB Char steer selling Sept 8th!!

Coming Along Nicely...

This Salty Dog x CDV Donor 6000 (Doctor Who) fall born steer is really looking good!!

Purebred Hereford - Show Heifer Deluxe!!

This April Hereford heifer sired by TFR Cyrus sells Sept 7th at Trausch don't want to miss this one!!

Text Conversation from Michelle Thorp - Social Media Manager @ MLC

It really would be nice to not be harassed constantly for not being bias on what cattle are out of that sell here. Just goes to show that the competition can't handle it when we are honest on what they are out of. I felt it necessary though to show an example of how unprofessional they can be because most of the public doesn't know what really goes on behind the scenes.

From Nick Tooker - Texas

Twitter - #ShaggyNotFluffy

Jawbreaker - First Calf Crop Success!!

Tag 14 Jawbreaker steer selling at Trausch Farms Sept 8th...this one is extremely good!!

Selling Sept 8th

Tag 4 Eye Candy x Cornhusker steer selling at Trausch Farms!!

Chloe's Maternal Brother

Tag 13 Salty Dog x 708 (Who Made Who) steer selling Sept 8th at Trausch Farms...maternal brother to the many time champion heifer shown by Shelby Manning this year!!

Big Time State Fair Fat Steer!!

Tag 2 Eye Candy x Cornhusker steer selling Sept 8th at Trausch Farms...full brother to the $20,000 high selling fall born steer sold by TF in 2012!!

Calgary Stampede Prospect!!

Tag 12 Salty Dog steer selling Sept 8th at Trausch Farms...big time Canadian steer!!

Selling Sept 7th

Tag 60 Fast Freddy x Chili heifer at Trausch Farms!!

Selling Sept 7th

Tag 58 Fast Freddy x Godfather heifer at Trausch Farms!!

Monday, August 26, 2013


Tag 6 steer selling Sept 8th at Trausch Farms...hit the bid button till he's yours!!

Steer Time!!

More pics coming soon...just a sample of the steer offering at Trausch Farms selling Sept 8th!!

Master of Puppets - Changing Opinions One By One

Tag 51 MOP x Heatseeker heifer selling Sept 7th at Trausch Farms...who said he wouldn't breed as good as his brothers??


Tag 53 Heatwave x Mossy Oak registered Chi heifer selling Sept 7th at Trausch Farms!!

Selling Sept 7th at Trausch Farms

Tag 52 Monopoly x Bentley heifer...big bodied and powerful!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Just a teaser...

MAB x Pb Hereford heifer selling at TF September 7th...get excited these cattle are awesome!!

Picture Day!!

Katie Smith from Focus Marketing here to help picture and video the sale offering at Trausch Farms!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Campbell Cattle Company - Illinois

Selling Sept 2nd...this one is awful good!!

TF - Sale Cattle Crew

Some people can't handle the heat today...caught Carter napping in the cooler!!

Happy Birthday Dallas!!

Wishing Dallas Richey a very happy 4th birthday!!

Heart Warming Story - Please Read

Yesterday I received a call from a couple in Kansas wanting to come look at sale cattle...seemed like another typical opportunity to show new customers what we have to offer. After greeting them when they arrived we headed out to the runs and began going through pedigrees. The husband pulled me to the side and spoke quietly about why they were here and what they wanted to achieve. He told me they had just recently lost their 13 year old son right before their county fair and he had really sparked interest in showing cattle over the last few years. They have plans now to purchase steers and heifers for kids in their area that can't afford a competitive calf as well as buying heifers to make club calf females that they can eventually raise offspring to sell to juniors with the profits generated going to scholarship money in memory of their son. It's days like yesterday when you meet certain people that change your life. Instead of dwelling on the negative things in life it's better to see the positives and move forward. I was humbled and reminded that this is why I love what I do for a living...count your blessings because you only get to do this once!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Keep it Fresh!!

Nothing beats the look and smell of fresh cedar fiber in the show barn!!

Color Anyone??

This Eye Candy heifer sells Sept 7th at Trausch Farms!!

From John Stoltz - Nebraska

This full sib to the promotional bull "Springsteen" sell Sept 22nd in the 40th Anniversary Pasture Sale...great people and great cattle!!