Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BPF High Seller!!

Top selling bull in the Bushy Park Farms bull sale tonight at $22,500!! Out of the NBH Fivestar 902R donor we sold to BPF in 2009!!

Texas heat!

78 on Feb 28th in Shamrock TX....this is way better than Alberta winter!

From Kolby Heaven - Alberta

Here is a purebred Simmental bull I am selling this spring his info is below contact me at 780-778-1435 for more information.

HCC BLK Raptor 18Y
PB outcross Simmental
Born April 2011
BW 105
WW 931
YW 1504
YR SC 39
Sells March 19 in the Red Deer bull sale

Eye Candy steer

Headed to the Grady County show for Tyler Schenk of Chickasha OK.

Schenk Farms - Oklahoma

Salty Dog x Friction/Wyoming Wind ET heifer calf...2 days old!!

Schenk Farms - Oklahoma

Eye Candy x Friction/Wyoming Wind ET bull calf...2 days old!!

Schenk Farms

Checking cows at Schenk's in OK isn't a problem with this rig!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Updated Photo

Photographer photo of the Hanna shorthorn plus heifer from KSU AGR.


Champion Shorthorn Plus heifer both rings at KSU AGR!! Purchased in the Trausch Farms Labor Day sale sold to the Hanna family...congrats!!


Shorthorn Plus ready to go in the ring!! Purchased in the Trausch Farms Labor Day Sale sold to the Hanna family of Wichita KS.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Shorthorn Plus heifer purchased in the Trausch Farms Labor Day sale sold to the Hanna family of Wichita KS. Watch for her tomorrow!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

KSU AGR this weekend!!

Come check us out at the KSU AGR this weekend. Semen available on Eye Candy, Salty Dog, Master of Puppets, Fast Freddy, Breathe Easy and many more!! Call 712-249-2009 to place an order and have it delivered to the show free of charge.

Sale now posted!! Check it out!!

Lot 1 - Breathe Easy steer

Lot 2 - Eye Candy steer

Lot 3 - Jakes Proud Jazz steer

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Denver steer anyone??

Eye Candy x Tabasco's mother (Vegas)

Check this stud out...he's big time!! He sells Feb 29th in the Trausch Farms/Schenk Farms Round 2 online sale hosted by Breedersworld. There are 8 head of Denver/Fort Worth sized steers that are sure to get you excited...watch for more photos and videos coming soon!!

Sale Contacts:

Chris Wilson 641-745-0323
Korey Schenk 205-561-8119
Raymond Gonnet 712-249-2009

Calberta MCM Donor 9758

Looking good! Come see her for yourself!

Back home for the spring

Donor 817 and Calberta MCM Donor 9758 are back to the farm at Trausch's after being on corn stalk pasture for the winter.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Check out the bulls at stud!!

Just dropped off Jawbreaker, 90 Proof, Master of Puppets and Breathe Easy at Hawkeye Breeders. Stop by to check them out!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Master of Puppets

The first calf reports are starting to come in now and the people who stepped up to the plate and used this promising sire were not disappointed!! We are expecting record sales this spring as the excitement is building after some of them have hot the ground!! Contact any major distributor or the owners for semen today as it will be in high demand over the next few months. For all Canadian semen purchases contact Raymond Gonnet at 712-249-2009 to place an order today!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Holliday Eye Candy heifer

Second in class to Udell's in Division 3 of Crossbred heifers at IA Beef Expo!!

IA Beef Expo - Crossbred heifers

Eye Candy hfr sold to the Holliday family of Iowa.

IA Beef Expo - Crossbred steers

Smilin Bob steer purchased in the Rockin J/Trausch Farms Auction sold to the Rivera family of Iowa.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

MOP newborn....wow!!

MOP x Draftpick bull calf raised by Holly Poad....this one looks way good!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

From Adam Olsen - Texas

Congrats to Adam Olsen as well as Doug Satree family and Jeff Jackson on the win today in the Angus show at San Antonio!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This is so Brad Punt!!

Eye Candy bull calf!!

Full sib on the ground to the Eye Candy heifer raised by Fisk's that we sold to Holliday Farms. Call 712-249-2009 for details on him or embryos that are full sibs!!

Blind Side steer

Another photo of the VanMeter steer headed to IA Beef Expo!!

Eye Candy heifer

After more clipping and a dye job here is another photo of the Eye Candy heifer we sold to Holliday Farms that was raised by Fisk Show Cattle!!

IA Beef Expo bound!!

Eye Candy heifer raised by Fisk Show Cattle of Alberta sold by us to Holliday Farms of Iowa. Watch for her in the commercial female show at IA Beef Expo this weekend!!

Blind Side sale report

This outstanding Blind Side calf was sold by Adam Potts for $8250!! Watch for him this year...we hope to see some winner photos!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From Garth Tolmie - British Columbia

Jawbreaker being well represented in Hawaii!!

Wow!!!! Check him out!!

Blind Side steer raised and sold by Goddard Cattle Co. headed to IA Beef Expo!! This one will be shown by the VanMeter family watch for him show day.

Sold to Florida!!

Lot 18 Eye Candy heifer in the Trausch Farms/Schenk Farms online fall born sale sold to the Mills family of Florida!! Thanks for your second purchase this year!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fabulous Females Sale

Thank you to the following people for their purchase of our genetics in the Trausch Farms Fabulous Females Sale:

Todd Lay - Nebraska
Stephanie Rose - Minnesota
Michael Buck - Iowa
Todd Dunlap - New Mexico
Jason Berlowitz - Oklahoma
Kurt Muir - Iowa

Saturday, February 11, 2012

First M.O.P. calves on the ground!!

Mike Butler of Stigler OK called and notified us that he had a set of twins out of Master of Puppets today!! They are the first to hit the ground and look great!! Expect more updates all spring on this exciting new sire!!

Sale Day!!

Come on down to the Cow Palace in Anita to join us for the Fabulous Females Sale!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fabulous Females Sale @ 2:00pm CST TOMORROW!!

Chuck Norris - Ownership Update

Thank you to Hanna Show Cattle of Whichita KS for their purchase of full possession and semen interest in Chuck Norris.

Semen NOW Available!!

Silent Knight now freezing high quality semen!! Contact these owners to purchase yours today:

Jason Minnaert (309) 489-6024
Devin Olson (309) 714-1509
Adam Olsen (936) 662-7853
Champion Drive Genetics 712-249-2009

Thursday, February 9, 2012

From Ethan Hanold - Illinois

Message: Gibson County Preview bound this weekend with MJ

Our reply: Good luck keep us updated!!

From Trae Simmons - Oklahoma

Eye Candy x Meyer heifer selling Feb 12th in the Love Struck online sale hosted by Drive. Contact Trae Simmons at (765) 438-2312 for more information.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fabulous Females Sale - Feb 11th @ 2:00 pm

Lot 32

Lot 33

Lot 34

Lot 40

Lot 53 - selling a flush
*dam of lot 32

Lot 59 - selling embryos by Blind Side

Don't miss your opportunity to purchase some excellent bred females and genetic opportunities this Saturday at the Cow Palace in Anita!! Contact Chris Wilson at 641-745-0323 or Raymond Gonnet at 712-249-2009 for more information. View the catalogue and videos of all the lots online at http://www.trauschfarms.com/

Trausch Farms/Schenk Farms Fall born Sale - Videos


Lot 2 - Eye Candy

Lot 3 - Eye Candy

Lot 4 - Monopoly

Lot 7 - Heatwave

Lot 8 - Carpe Diem

Lot 11 - The Gift


Lot 1 - Eye Candy

Lot 13 - Tiger Woods

Lot 18 - Eye Candy

This is just a sample of the offering that will sell Feb 13th on Breedersworld. If you are looking for fall borns this sale is one that you NEED to check out!! Contact the following people for more information:

Chris Wilson 641-745-0323
Korey Schenk 205-561-8119
Raymond Gonnet 712-249-2009

From Jason Berlowitz - Oklahoma

Fall born heifers for sale private treaty!! Contact Jason at 918-225-8739 or check out Euchee Creek Cattle Co. LLC on facebook for more information.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Introducing....Chuck Norris!!

Hired Man x All About You
Raised by Diamond G Cattle Co.
For sale now call 712-249-2009 for more information!!