Monday, April 30, 2012

For Sale!!

The mother of "Anarchy" for sale now!! Contact Raymond at 712-249-2009 for details!!

From Kolby Heaven - Alberta

Maternal brother to "Chuck Norris" sired by Blindside on the ground...better go look at him when you come up!

CRY Prospect Show

Contact the CDG reps to have your semen orders delivered to the show!!

From Kevin Shuckburg - Alberta

Photo of BFW Fightin Irish 22U at 4 years of age.

Kevin is a very good friend with a great eye for cattle and was one of the first people to get me involved in the Maine- Anjou breed. This photo of his Irish Whiskey herd bull just goes to show why his program has been so successful!!

Eye Candy

Canadian semen available contact CDG reps today!!

Spring Embryos to be implanted!!

Blindside x Calberta MCM Donor 9758

I-80 x NBH Fivestar 902R
Resulting pedigree will be maternal sibs to Comfort Zone

Monopoly x DGCC Takin Care of Business 1R
Resulting pedigree will be 3/4 sibs to Blindside

Eye Candy x Shatto 21R
Resulting pedigree will be full sibs to the heifer pictured above

We are extremely excited to be implanting embryos this spring on these 4 matings. Next year will be very interesting and hopefully successful if we have some of these stick!!

Champion Drive Genetics - Canadian Semen Sales


Naughty Pine x Galloway

If you want consistency then order today!! This is the most reliable bull on the questions asked!! Numerous high sellers and winners all acros North America and an enormous increase in popularity. If you don't have any Eye Candy's in your sale you are missing out!!


Hired Man x 3C Sturdy/Heatseeker

If you like color then try this one!! We are the only company carrying him...calf reports are awesome!! Use him on moderate type females and it's an absolute home run!!


Monopoly x 3/4 Maine

This bull's second calf crop is hitting the ground now and look even better than the first!! The best Monopoly son available in Canada by a long shot so use him!!


Heatwave x Hazel (Century Touchstone)

The ONLY full brother to Monopoly that is available in Canada!! His first calves are arriving this spring and making everyone who used him a believer!! Don't settle for immitations use MOP for consistent results!!

Heatwave x Witchdoctor
This bull was one of the "freaks" of Denver 2011 and we expected his calves to turn some heads. Well they have started arriving now and they are GOOD!! We are the only ones carrying him in Canada so if you wanna make show steers this is a bull you NEED to try!!

Ali x Who Made Who

The best calving ease bull to come along in a very long time. This one will not only sire low birthweight but the calves perform and are starting to win major shows all over the country. If you have heifers to breed this spring Breathe Easy should be everyones number one choice!!

Monopoly x 1/2 Maine

The only red Monopoly son available in Canada!! His first calves born this fall looked great and he calved easy. If you want red club calf genetics he is a must use sire!!


Heatwave x Full Attack

The best baldie Heatwave son on the market exclusively carried by us!! Numerous winners out of his first calf crop so add him to your breeding list this spring!!


Predator x Paleface/Cheap Trick

The hottest calving ease bull that was on display Denver 2012!! This one has so many good things going for him. Be one of the first to use him this spring and take advantage of having the first calves born!!


Mercedes Benz x HHP One Fifty

The best purebred Maine-Anjou bull I have seen in a long time!! We are excited that the Trausch Farms team has aquired this new sire and can't wait to carry him in Canada!! EVERY Maine breeder seriously needs to use this bull...he is a herd changer!!

We have the best and most consistent bulls available in Canada and we guarantree the BEST prices in the business!! If you can prove a lower price we will beat it no questions asked!! Also we have a calf purchase program that is going to provide incentive to use our sires. If you want to breed club calves in Canada then trust in Champion Drive Genetics to be your one stop shop for breeding decisions, semen sales, marketing opportunities and calf purchase program. Call Raymond Gonnet @ 712-249-2009 for any details or information. We know the Canadian market better than anyone else in the business so let us work for YOU!!

Female Sale update

Both of these first calf heifers were purchased by the Rose family of Minnesota and we are happy to hear that they calved without problems and we look forward to further updates!!

Newborn calf!

CDV Donor 6000 with her newborn heifer calf sired by Big Talker!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Late night snack

Comfort Zone in breeding his first heifer late this evening....he's looks awesome!

Paint Ball Video

One of the most fun activities I've done in a while!!

Paint balling!

Spent my birthday with the Wilson family paint balling in Des Moines! If you have never been try it it's a blast!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

New JD

Dad's new tractor from Oklahoma....he's becoming quite the dirt farmer since the cows left!

From Kolby Heaven - Alberta

Sneak peak of the % simmy heifer headed to CRY Jackpot in May.




Kevin Fraser - CDG semen order

5 - Carpe Diem

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Bill Janssen - CDG semen order

10 - Carpe Diem

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MOP @ stud

MOP in his working clothes still very impressive for how many cows he's bred and how long he's been in stud!

Tabasco full sister

Watch for this full sib to Tabasco on the show circuit this spring and fall in Alberta!

Big Talker

Semen now available through Trausch Farms in the United States!

MOP ad

MOP bull

Raised by Ryan Peters of Kansas!

MOP heifer

Raised by Ryan Peters of Kansas!

Bullying doesn't work either

Still nobody home

Friday, April 27, 2012

Scott Garten

VIP room for men of business only!

Nobody home

Looking for a ride

Contact Sean at 1 (815) 739-1013

Carpe Diem in Canada!!

Contact Kolby or any of the CDG reps for info!!

Reps with experience!!

If you are serious about breeding club calves in Canada then trust the team at CDG to give you educated advice to make your breeding decisions. Everyone representing CDG has ACTUALLY raised and shown club calves unlike others that seem to just around for the attention. We have your best interest in mind and will work with you on marketing the offspring. Contact us today to place an order!!

MOP x Char bull

Updated photo of this stud raised by Clint Grove from Illinois!!


The most underrated Monopoly son on the market. Try him this spring and reap the rewards next spring when the calves hit the ground! Contact any of the CDG reps to order your Canadian semen.

Now that's funny!

No thanks!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Keepin' it real!

Trae Simmons working real hard today!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New frozen genetics acquired!!

Watch for these to hit the ground next spring....could be worth a lot of money!!


Very well deserved!!

Ranchy in Bristow OK

Need more tie downs hillbilly!