Thursday, September 29, 2011

Donor 817 - Flashback

 Photo taken October 2009
 Photo taken October 2009
 Photo taken September 2011
Photo taken September 2011

Sold Cattle

This years spring born calves look awesome! They have got the shag! Thanks to all of our buyers from the June sale as well as those of you who bought cattle privately.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Big Talker - Ownership Update!!

We are extremely excited to announce our new partners on Big Talker as of today will be Trausch Farms! They aquired half interest and full possession on our most promising new herdsire which will be a great addition to an already powerful sire line-up! For more information or to request a fall lease contact us at 712-249-2009 today!

Donor 817 - updated video

Video taken Sept 28/11

Gathering the herd

All the sale calves are now officially weaned today after long hours of gathering and sorting!

Monday, September 26, 2011

From Trae Simmons

Northern Improvement x Heatwave heifer for sale now contact Trae @ 765-438-2312 for more information.

Fall Harvest

Its that time of year for us again...long days of combining and baling straw. As long as we can keep these two green machines rolling it will go smoothly!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bred Heifers For Sale!

We have 20 bred heifers for sale private treaty now! They are all club calf pedigree females and naturally bred to our EXAR Lutton son purchased from Express Ranches this spring. Call 712-249-2009 for more information.

Donor 817

Here is a cell phone photo of Donor 817 taken today on pasture. She is a Point Taken x Chillfactor/Grizz we purchased from Hunter Bros. in Iowa. She is hopefully safe bred to Eye Candy for a March calf! Owned with Deagle Show Cattle of Alberta and Hurley Show Cattle of Ontario!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Heaven on Earth Volume 1

Here is the lot 1 heifer that will be selling October 8th in the first ever Heaven On Earth Sale held online at CW Cattle Sales. Kolby Heaven is our Champion Drive Genetics representative for western Canada and we are excited to see the rest of the sale cattle! Contact Kolby @ 780-778-1435 for more information.

Tag 1710 - Highliner Heifer

As you can see the Miller family is doing an exceptional job looking after our high selling heifer from our June bid-off sale! Watch for her this fall at Canadian Western Agribition!

Lots of miles....

After 10 days on the road through Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma,Texas, Kansas and Iowa I'm quite alright with not driving for a while!

Rental car

Just over 6000 miles and the night before I leave I get in a wreck! Just my luck!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Chore Boy

Cell phone photos of Chore Boy out on pasture at Trausch Farms. He looks awesome!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eye Candy

One of the most impressive mature bulls I've ever seen! To order fall semen contact any major distributed or the owners today!

Eye Candy's full sister

Holy smokes! This is just more proof of why Eye Candy is working! He's not a one hit for ET matings out of Fast Freddy and Eye Candy's full sister hitting the ground this spring in Oklahoma and Iowa!

Frank the Tank

This has to be my new favorite maintainer bull! He is an Irish Whiskey x Harietta and talk about a huge footed, big boned stout one! Semen will be available through Champion Drive Genetics and Trausch Farms starting this fall!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

360 (HW son) x Hoo Doo

This is one of the fal borns at Peters Cattle Co. in Kansas....he is only 10 days old! Very impressive individual!

Peters Cattle Co.

I stopped in at Ryan Peters place today located near Hillsboro KS. There is a really nice set of spring borns that are for sale private treaty. I also had the opportunity to look at some of the fall calving cows and I have to say there are some GREAT ones! Stop by if you are in that area you won't be dissapointed! 

For Sale Now!!

Call 712-249-2009 for more available upon request.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From Cole Hanna - Wichita KS

Here is an updated photo of the Indian Outlaw heifer, she looks great!


This one is hands down the best fall born I've seen...stay tuned for more details!

Garten Cattle Company

Scott Garten of Abilene KS has an unbelievable set of fall borns on the ground now! There are all kinds of full sibs to Smilin Bob as well as maternal ET sibs to him by Monopoly. If you have a chance to stop by they are a must see set! Watch for the future mating od Smilin Bob's mother to Eye Candy!

Who's Cool

The first set of calves sired by Who's Cool look awesome! Here is a cell phone picture of him taken at Rob Miller's in Moline KS.

Rob Miller Cattle

There is an extremely deep set of spring born steers and heifers that will be for sale October 21st. If you are in the area of Moline KS be sure to check them out!

Truth Hurts

Watch for Truth Hurts at Shirley Cattle Co. in Texas this fall. Jess will be leasing him to clean up on his fall calving cows.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monopoly steer

Here is an updated photo of the Monopoly steer we sold with Cody Lott and Blake Morrison. He is headed to Tulsa in 3 weeks!

Cody Lott Show Cattle

There is a nice set of cows near Bristow OK at Cody Lott's as some spring borns that will be for sale privately. Thanks for your semen purchase!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hladik Farms

Thanks Brett Hladik of Hennesey OK for the tour today. There is an excellent set of fall borns including these to standouts sired by Smilin Bob!

Kennedy Cattle

Here is a Monopoly fall born bull calf raised by Brian and Dennis Kennedy of Hennesey OK. Thanks for your Fast Freddy and Master of Puppets semen purchase!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oklahoma City Prospect Steer Show

Here is a photo of the Stierwalt steer they showed at OKC today, he will be a big time contender this spring! Grand Champion steer was a Solid Gold shown by Bonham and Reserve was a Heatwave sold by Bonham.

Black Hereford Ranch

The bulls for Kris Black's upcoming bull sale in October look really good!

Black Hereford Ranch

Kris Black has a great set of fall born calves arriving now including some Eye Candy's!

Northwest OK

Here is a photo of the Canadian river in northwest's just a dirt path now!

Friday, September 16, 2011

As seen on

Top Sires of Fall Steer Sales so Far


It may be 2011 but Heat Wave is most certainly still Heat Wave...
  1. Heat Wave - $5,425 (24)
  2. Eye Candy - $3,527 (16)
  3. Immortal - $3,197 (18)
  4. Monopoly - $3,027 (26)
  5. Walks Alone - $2,343 (21)
  6. Champ - $1,908 (6)

Shirley Cattle Co.

If you are in the north eastern part of the Texas panhandle be sure and stop in at Jess Shirley's just north of Stinnett TX. Great set of cows as well as spring borns and fall borns including this September born Solid Gold bull calf. Thanks for your semen purchase!

Haymes Cattle Co

Here are some photos of the show barn at Haymes Cattle Co. located near Canyon TX. There was some very powerful fat steer prospects that are scheduled to go to Fort Worth this winter. Thanks for the tour!

DW Cattle

Thanks Brett Duke and Phil Williams of DW Cattle located in Darouzett TX for your Master of Puppets, Young Money, Salty Dog, Hired Man, Carpe Diem, Cyrus and Bentley semen purchase! We will definitely be back to look at calves when they hit the ground!


What everyone has told me in regards to Texas being so dry the pastures look like dirt fields....they weren't's pretty depressing.

Sunrise Farms

Thanks Joe Kleman from Nazareth TX for your Fast Freddy, Salty Dog and Smilin Bob semen purchase! We look forward to doing more business with these great new customers that recently began breeding club calves.

From Dustin Glover - Elgin OK

Message: Had an Anarchy out of a Jimmy the Greek calf today he was red big boned and hairy.

Our reply: Awesome! Keep the updates coming!

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Yellow Jacket

I had the opportunity to see Yellow Jacket today at Great Plains Breeders Service. He has a huge foot, big boned and looks great for being 9 years old.

Great Plains Breeders Service

I made a delivery to Great Plains Breeders Service at Shamrock TX this morning. They have a really nice facility there.