Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cashin' in for Cody (Online Sale) - Please watch the Video

Please watch this video to for some background on Cody and his illness.
Nick Tooker along with his wife Amanda, oldest son Caleb and youngest son Cody.

I have been fortunate to know Nick and call him a good friend for quite a few years now and I can't begin to imagine what him and his family are going through lately. If you know Nick then you most likely agree he is alway upbeat and positive and you would never guess anything ever bothers him. With that said after finding out all of the information on his son Cody I felt compelled to help in any way possible. Brad Tillman of OH started spreading the word about a benefit sale for anyone in the livestock industry to donate towards helping raise funds for Cody. The donor cow pictured below has been one of the best females I have had the opportunity to own and I have decided to offer in this sale the right to flush her. For more information on how you can donate or details on the sale contact Brad Tillman at 937-206-2831 or Clint Petzold at 325-280-0925.

Calberta MCM Donor 9758
Sire: Heatwave
Dam: Mckay 9758 (Maine/Angus)

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  1. Thank you, Raymond :) A beautiful blog post to our Cody Bear. Thank you for your generous contribution to the 'Cashin' in for Cody Fundraiser and your support of this sweet little cowboy!